Some programs that I think are good ideas to use are for "The Halloween Tree" are listed here. 
1. Prezi could be a good idea because it can show much information and you can also play Youtube videos on it.
2. If you like to be a little creative then you should use Pixie. Pixie can let you draw pictures or you can upload some from the Internet. 
3. Frames is also a good program. It is similar to Pixie but on this one it is made for neat little slideshows. 
4. Thinglink is a website that can make pictures have links in them. These links can include other websites, videos, recordings of your own voice, and many other things. 
5.  My last idea could be to use an Activinspire document because Activinspire has coloring, text, the ability to upload pictures from the Internet, and many other things that you can use in it to your advantage. 

The program that I shall be using is Prezi is because I have used it before and it was fun and easy. The only tricky part was trying to install a Youtube video into it. 


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