In case you are wondering what those stand for, the CCSS is Common Core State Standards. The NETS is the National Education of Technology Standard. I am blogging this to tell you a little bit about their standards. Some of the standards for the CCSS are:
1. RL.8.4: Determine a word's meaning. This is important because how will you write word if you don't know what they mean? 
2. RL.8.7: Analyze text or a script. This can help you look closer at text so that you can understand some confusing parts of it.
3. RL.8.6: Analyze the effects of change in point of view. The important thing about this is that you can see how the change of point of view can effect the story.
Here are some of the things that NETS can help students can do.
1. Help with problem solving. 
2. Improve critical thinking. 
3. Help encourage creativity. 
I hope that I have helped you in your understanding of the CCSS and of NETS. 

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