My house is still the same old self working house. But today, something weird happened. On the news, it said that one year from now, the world would be a wasteland and humans would no longer exist. As a civilized man, I of course didn't believe on superstition like this stuff. But I do have to say I am a little worried. What will happen to my kids? What will happen to my beautiful wife? My whole family could be at risk! Maybe I should move out of town. Wait a minute! What am I saying!? Those news people always make things up once in a while! This is just some cruel hoax! My family will be fine. Besides, what could possibly harm us in our robotic house? It has the best security systems in the whole town! I won't tell the wife because  she never watches the news with me. She thinks it's just a waste of time. Maybe she's right. Well, I guess I'll go play with little Timmy now. It's the children's hour right now. He'll get mad at me if I don't play with him. The wife always plays with little Sarah. Mr. McClellan out! 
I just want my family to be safe.

01/23/2013 11:54am

I liked the Mr.Mclelen out thing that was funny.


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