Many people are born with five senses-sight,hearing,touch,taste, and smell. What would you do if you had to give up one of your senses? If I had to give up a sense, it would be my sense of touch. The main reason I would give this up is because it is the main thing that feels pain. If you don't have a sense of touch, then you cannot feel pain! 

If I had to give up one more sense, it would be my sense of taste. I was going to say my sense of smell, but then I realized that if I smelled something bad that I had to eat, I wouldn't have to worry because I wouldn't be able to taste it. This is a pretty good thing because then I could tell my mom that I loved her food even if I didn't! This might seem a little harsh, but my mom always makes good food. What sense would you give up and why? 

What would you do if you had to give up one piece of tech? If I had to give up a piece of tech, it would most likely be my

 phone. I don't use it very much, so it wouldn't really effect my life. If you say that isn't fair, then I will change it. I would be 

able to live without my computer. Even though it is my favorite thing to use in technology, I am willing to give it up. The last 

thing I would give up is the T.V. I love watching T.V. all the time. I not what I would do if I didn't have television! 
What would you be willing to give up?
Yes, for us here at Castle Dome, the AIMS standardized test is almost here! Next week, the test will begin. This year all 8th

graders shall be tested on Reading, Math, and Science. To try and get the students ready, CDMS has has made this week

spirit week so that we will be in high spirits for the AIMS. Wish all of us at CDMS luck!
There are many things that you should and should not do while you are podcasting. 


1. Make your voice loud and clear so that your listeners can actually hear you!

2. Make sure you know how and when you will record. Planning is important! 

3. If you can, you should have a Twitter or Facebook account so that you can have followers and to have more viewers! 


1. When recording with a group, don't introduce yourself first. It's very rude! 

2. Make sure you don't get unfocused. If you do, you'll never get your podcast done! 

3. Never try to make a bad podcast. All of your podcasts should be great! 
Yes, today is St. Patricks Day! The day of shamrocks and leprachauns. The day of green and gold! On St. Patricks day, you are supposed to wear green all day. If you don't, then there is a tradition where you will be pinched playfully because you forgot to wear green. Since you probably don't want to get pinched, you need to wear green today! I hope that you have a great St. Patricks Day!
In case you are wondering what those stand for, the CCSS is Common Core State Standards. The NETS is the National Education of Technology Standard. I am blogging this to tell you a little bit about their standards. Some of the standards for the CCSS are:
1. RL.8.4: Determine a word's meaning. This is important because how will you write word if you don't know what they mean? 
2. RL.8.7: Analyze text or a script. This can help you look closer at text so that you can understand some confusing parts of it.
3. RL.8.6: Analyze the effects of change in point of view. The important thing about this is that you can see how the change of point of view can effect the story.
Here are some of the things that NETS can help students can do.
1. Help with problem solving. 
2. Improve critical thinking. 
3. Help encourage creativity. 
I hope that I have helped you in your understanding of the CCSS and of NETS. 
What would a world without rules look like? There would probably be much excitement and craziness going on everywhere. Also, there would be the bad stuff in the world, like drug dealing and murder and all that kind of stuff. But, on the bright side, us kids can do absolutely whatever we want to do in the world! This is what I think the world would be like without any rules of any kind in the world. 
There are many things that we could do to raise money for our trip to iSTE. For example, selling snacks and treats after school at the front gate everyday could raise a large amount of money because a big amount of kids like treats at our school. 
Another thing we could do is at the upcoming school dance we can sell food and drink or we could host an activity like dodgeball or man a dunk tank and put our teacher in there! It would be a huge laugh but my teacher will probably be mad at me for suggesting it. 
My fourth Period Advanced Language Arts has been invited to the biggest technology conference ever! iSTE is a big technology meet where we are going to be presenting what we are doing in our class and also things that we have already done throughout the entire school year. Only a few kids from our class will get to go though. If I got chosen to go to the iSTE conference, I would like to present how we do our Edmodo. Edmodo is a online collaborating class where you can talk to fellow students in your class and talk about how to do certain assignments and if they need help doing the same assignment.
This is what I would talk about if I was chosen to go to iSTE. 
The iSTE symbol!
Are you having trouble with those annoying buttons on some of your pages? Well I have your solution! It's actually very simple. In your "Pages" tab, just change the page's setup and it should get rid of those. But, if you want to keep the button, then you need to add a link so that when somebody clicks on the button, it will take them to another page on your Weebly! Here is how to do it. First, go to another page on your Weebly and copy the URL on the top of your computer screen. Then, go to the page with the button and hover your mouse over it. A small menu should appear. Click on the "add a link" button and then paste the URL you got from the other page on your Weebly. I hope that this helped you!